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CFTC Grants More Relief to FX Swap Dealers

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Published Date: May 06, 2013

During the first two days of May, the CFTC's Division of Swap and Intermediary Oversight granted certain relief related to swap dealers and major swap participants engaging in certain FX transactions. A few days earlier, on the eve of May 1, DSIO granted certain relief to SDs and MSPs engaging in FX prime brokerage transactions involving physically settled FX swaps and forwards (see prior article on this website).

Specifically, on May 1 the CFTC granted such entities no action from disclosing a pre-trade mid-market mark (PTM) to non-SD, MSP counterparties (as otherwise would be required under the Commission's External Business Conduct rules) in connection with certain physically settled FX  swap, forward and options where:

  1. the currency involved is one of the BIS 31 currencies (see fn 16 of the CFTC letter included below) and in the case of a swap or forward, has a stated maturity of one year or less, or in the case of an option, six months or less;
  2. real time tradeable bids and offers are generally available to counterparties electronically; and
  3. the specific counterparty to the transaction agrees in advance that the SD or MSP does not need to disclose the PTM.

Also, the CFTC granted no action in connection to physically settled FX swaps and forwards transactions initiated on an anonymous electronic trading platform (whether or not a Swap Execution Facility or Designated Contract Market), where:

  1. the SD or MSP does not know the identity of the counterparty;
  2. real time tradeable bids and offers are generally available to counterparties electronically; and
  3. the counterparty is a so-called eligible contract participant.

This relief does not impact the obligation of the SD or MSP to provide daily marks or report data regarding a transaction.

On the following day, May 2, the CFTC's DSIO granted no action relief related to certain FX transactions, which although intended to be "spot" transactions and exempted from the application of Dodd Frank, in fact are being treated as FX forward transactions by certain market participants. These are FX transactions that settle on greater than T+2 but by T+7 or before. Although these forwards would otherwise not be regulated as swaps (because of the Secretary of the Treasury's November 16, 2012 determination), SDs and MSPs engaging in such transactions are still required to comply with certain external business conduct standards adopted by the CFTC as of May 1.

In connection with this relief, prior to September 1, 2013, the CFTC will not recommend enforcement action against any SD or MSP  for failure to comply with relevant external business conduct rules with respect to FX transactions with so-called eligible contract participants that have a settlement cycle of no more than seven local days.

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